Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cake decorating

I work at baskin robbins and i am learning to decorate the ice cream cakes, these are some of the latest that i have done, im getting better with each cake that i make but i love the creative outlet that it gives me.

My kids love story time!!!!!!!!!

my kids absolutely love reading books before bed and i love this quality time with them.  They are growing so fast and i really want to enjoy every second i can.  Johnny will be 2 next month and he is in a big boy bed now.  he loves that he can get in and out on his own. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my little pop star

Home Depot

on the first Saturday of every month I take the kids and they make something, they really love it.  then we come home and i let kaydence paint or decorate them. 

Happy New year!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

we have already had an eventful year and i know this will be a great year for the kids and I.  I took the kids for haircuts and it was kaydences first one.  i was sad but i love it thick and healthy.  we also had our family pics taken and these are some of my favorites.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

its been forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well time flies when you are trying to start over and get on your feet.  I am a single mother now and i moved back to Tehachapi with the kids, I am very happy now and surrounded by family and friends who support and love me.  I have been working at Baskin Robbins and trying to start a career hopefully for the state. I am still trying to get the hang of things and really figure out who i am and what i want so for the time being i am really enjoying my kids and experiencing life to the fullest.  enjoy the new pics.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

we had a very eventful easter this year. Johnnys first and My mom was here visiting. We also made a big yummy breakfast for the family and everybody came over and ate and ate and then Kaydence went on an egg hunt and she loved every bit of it.

Coloring Easter Eggs!!!!!

Niki and Dani Helped Kaydence color her eggs and they all had a blast. kaydence is growing up so fast and she is such a bundle of love and laughter.

Farkly Easter cookies

Kaydence and Niki and I made cookies and it was so cute that kk refferred to the sprinkles as farkly's. it was messy but so much fun and boy did they taste good.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

downstairs in the new house

the upstairs is not ready to be photographed especially kayences room, what was i thinking giving a 2 year old a lamp with feathers on it, they are everywhere. we have really made this new place a home and i love it. Niki and Dani are turning 20 tomorrow so that is why i have so many flowers and gifts around.

Dont mind the sleeping princess on the couch. she only takes naps when she needs too so today was a lucky day for me both kids went to sleep.

driving cars

John had a christmas party for work at the end of january and we were able to go it was a very lavish nice party and we had a really fun time. We also moved into a house that weekend and we went grocery shopping and the kids really enjoyed the truck driving.


Bobbye and the boys came out to visit last week to see our new house and i think this is one of the only pictures of all four of them since johnny was born.